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The Campaign for Avon raised $51.44 million! 

Thank you.


We asked and you answered—answered the call to believe in today’s Avonians. 

There is still time to support Avon Old Farms School’s Annual Fund... make your gift today.


Because of You
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Brick by brick, Avon Old Farms was constructed to shape and fortify the minds and hearts of boys.  For nearly a century, we have embraced what it means to be a boy, and along the way, we have redefined what it means to be a man.


Because of your  generosity, we stand ready to lead generations of men into a solid future—for Avon; for our communities; for the world.

Campaign Priorities
Campaign for Avon Old Farms School


"When you're surrounded by momentum and commitment, it makes you want to do your best and reach further. Avon was my gateway to the American dream."

- Jerry Garvey ’82

1. Endowment


our support to students and developed inspiring educators

"Today, Avon still feels the same and looks the same, yet there are so many new facilities added to the campus to give today's boys the best experience that we can offer them."

- Bill Austin ’92

2. Bricks & Mortar


Mrs. Riddle's campus and modernized our facilities

 "Avon challenged me, and I thrived because of it. The routine, the discipline, the environment... I cannot say enough good things about Avon."

- Bob Moran ’73

3. Annual Fund


the heart of our community and fortified what brings us together


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Your generosity has helped our boys become exceptional men.

By investing in our people, enhancing our campus and facilities, and building a stronger financial foundation, your support will continue to impact our school profoundly for decades to come. Thank you. 

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