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Nimrod Cabin

Opened 2018-19 School Year

The Nimrod Club has a storied tradition of working to preserve the lasting legacy of the woodlands and watershed that the club has helped maintain since the school opened in 1927. 


With your help, the new Nimrod cabin replaced an aging structure originally built in the 1920s and refreshed and expanded a sturdy homebase for Nimrod members of every generation.

Key Features

  • Same ground as the original

  • Solid log construction

  • Pond-facing structure with a porch and a large stone chimney

  • Meeting place for members and home to "The Nimrod Club cabin supper” every Tuesday night

April 3, 2018 Demolition


April 18, 2018 Foundation
May 23, 2018 Rebuild


June 21, 2018 Progress


May 7, 2019 Progress