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Maintained Mrs. Riddle's Campus and Modernized Our Facilities

Bricks & Mortar

All who know and love Avon understand that the identity of our school is embedded in these walls of red stone – and that if they were somehow more precisely plumb and square, they would undoubtedly be less perfect. Memories of this place connect Avonians across generations and link us to Mrs. Riddle’s founding vision.


For all of these reasons, we committed to preserving the distinctive character of our campus and buildings as we completed plans that made them better suited to our students’ needs. Our plans built on Avon’s broader strategic planning work and encompassed changes to Avon’s buildings across campus.


Modernizes the servery, expands culinary options, and unites the Avon village.

Refectory & Kitchen Project

Improves the player and fan experience with new locker rooms and rink overview area.

Jennings Fairchild

Hockey Rink

Houses Avon's STEM program featuring the engineering classes and robotics teams. 

Engineering and Robotics Center

Celebrates the creative and artistic achievements of alumni and students.

Ordway Art


Sustains our roots as caretakers of our campus and carries tradition into the future.

Nimrod Cabin




Refectory & Kitchen Project

Drag the arrows on the rendering to see the before and after of the Refectory and Kitchen Project. 

The care and keeping of Mrs. Riddle’s aesthetic was our focus in the dining hall, preserving the trim work, and re-finishing tables and benches. The kitchen renovation modernized the dining experience by expanding dining options, shortening wait times at lunch, and maintaining family-style dinners.


Jennings-Fairchild Rink Renovation

Drag the arrows on the rendering to see the before and after of the Hockey Rink Project. 

With a long-standing, record-breaking hockey tradition at Avon, the rink has become a major hub of campus activity. This overhaul matched the caliber of our program with renovations that provided top-notch player amenities, a modernized rink, and an improved fan experience.

Engineering and Robotics Center

The renovated building of one of Avon’s hallmark structures is now where students design and build robotics and learn about 3-D printing, capabilities that support the exploration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). The renovation extends to the water tower’s new computer programming lab. The Forge and water tower are also home to Avon’s Robotics Team and Technology Club.


Ordway Art Gallery

The creativity and energy of our students—as well as visiting alumni artists—are now on full display in our new Ordway Art Gallery. Crafted oak cabinets for three-dimensional presentations and special lighting for hanging exhibits celebrate Avon’s many juried, award-winning artists in a space visited daily by students.


Nimrod Cabin Renovation

The Nimrod Club has a storied tradition of fellow brothers—peer laborers—working in unity to carefully protect the lasting impact each boy has on this earth. The new cabin, home-base for Nimrod membership, replaces an aging structure built in the 1930s and welcomes generations of Avonians who have participated in this quintessential Avon experience.

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