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Campaign Leadership

Inspiring Boys, Building Men: the Campaign for Avon Old Farms School relied upon these loyal volunteers who stood together as leaders in this extraordinary effort. We thank you for your guidance, countless hours of time, and your support of the school in this essential endeavor.



At Avon Old Farms we’re focused on developing good men of character to make a difference in the world. The Campaign for Avon Old Farms School was driven by the very same ambition: "Inspiring Boys, Building Men.

Our Board of Directors appreciates the need to increase student financial aid, better support faculty, preserve and improve our campus, and enrich our curricular and co-curricular programs. During the quiet phase of this Campaign, the Board pledged more than one-third of our campaign goal and helped raise more than 40 million dollars, more than 80 percent of our goal.

As members of the Old Farms family, we are blessed. We are privileged to work with exceptional young men who distinguish themselves daily through word and deed and we enjoy the most unique campus in the country. I encourage you to visit Avon and witness and experience all the exciting things that are happening. Avon Old Farms is a special place, and we all share a responsibility to steward it for future generations. It is refreshing to be a part of and support a place where we value and celebrate the brotherhood, integrity, scholarship, and sportsmanship.

Thank you for helping us to realize our campaign goal and objectives and for helping us to fulfill our mission by “cultivating young men of integrity who honor wisdom, justice, inclusion, service, and the pursuit of truth.”

Aspirando et Perseverando,
Marty Cole H'16, P'04, Chairman, Avon Old Farms Board of Directors


Ken Winemaster '83, P'17, Campaign Cabinet Co-Chair


John Edwards H'19, Campaign Co-Chair

Martin I. Cole H’16, P’04, Chairman

William P. Austin ’92, Vice Chairman

Brendan L. McKernan ’89, Treasurer

Christopher S. Drew ’85, P’17, ’18, Secretary

Brett C. Browchuk P’15

Andrew E. Caputo, M.D. P’16, ’17

James W. Corrigan ’67, P’98

Maria Martinez de la Cruz P’18

J. Stratford R. Dennis ’00

John H. Edwards H'19

Dee Gordon P’90, GP’21

Richard H. Gordon P’90, GP’21

Dean C. Graham ’84


Clayton D. Johnson ’82


Neal J. Keating P’19


Wade H.O. Kirby P’17, ’18


Ira H. Leesfield GP ’19


John W. Maxwell ’86


Wade L. McDevitt ’82


John A. Nolan ’80


Kathryn A. Ordway P’04


Henry B. duPont Smith, Sr. P’17, ’19


Kenneth J. Winemaster ’83, P’17

Linda P. Woodwell W’75, P’08


Kenneth H. LaRocque P’01, ’10 Ex-Officio


Kenneth J. Winemaster ’83, P’17


John H. Edwards H'19


William P. Austin ’92

Charles E. Batchelder P’18


John-Oliver Beirne ’03

James H. & Joy Biggart P’02, ’06, ’08, ’14

Anne W. Black P’99

Lisa Brady P’11

Thomas K. Curtis, Jr. ’63

J. Stratford R. Dennis ’00

Christopher S. Drew ’85, P’17, ’18

Robert J. & Michele Fiondella P’12

Stephen G. Haskin P’18

Chane F. Keller ’08

Jeff & Cindy Kuchman P’17

John W. Maxwell ’86

Margot K. Mineau P’18, ’20

Robert H. Moran,  Jr. ’73, P’04

Rolf H. Olson ’59

Kathryn A. Ordway P’04

Robert Signorino, Jr. P’19

Bernard & Margaret Smyth P’18

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