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Expanded Student Aid and Faculty Development


It’s Avon’s students and teachers—and the bonds that unite them—who are our defining strength.


As we look to the future, our most important strategic commitment is to continue to bring the best students and educators to Avon, to support them in their work, and to nurture those ties—invisible but indestructible—that unite them.


Through this campaign, Avon not only increased support for our faculty and students but did so in a sustained way: by building our endowment. Such growth puts Avon on a footing more comparable to most of our peers in terms of endowment dollars per student, allowing us to increase our investments in faculty compensation and student financial aid. Endowment lessens our dependence on tuition income and better controls future tuition.


This campaign will increase our ability to provide opportunities for more students to thrive academically.




for Scholarship

This campaign will allow us to continue to hire the best educators and support them in their inspiring work.


for Faculty


Expanded Our Ability to Support Students With Financial Need


Endowment for Scholarship


Avon embraced an ambitious long-term goal: to meet the demonstrated financial need of all the promising students we admit. This successful campaign helped Avon make important strides forward, markedly expanding access and affordability in the following three ways:


  • First, and most importantly, we can continue to make financial aid available to provide more opportunities for highly qualified young men to join our community.


  • Second, we further increased the socio-economic diversity of our student body, creating a culturally richer and more rewarding place for our students to live and learn.


  • Finally, we positioned Avon to compete more strongly in an environment in which the cost of an excellent boarding school education presents an ever-increasing challenge to families.

Supported our Faculty's Development as Inspiring Educators

Endowment For Faculty


Years and even decades after they’ve graduated, generations of Avonians evoke the same vivid memories of teachers who inspired and cared for them, whom they salute to this day. Call it camaraderie, or brotherhood, or the magic of Mrs. Riddle’s village, to be part of our place and traditions is to belong to something special. The success of the Inspiring Boys, Building Men Campaign, will aid us in our strategic commitment to continue to bring the best educators to Avon and to support them in their work.


At Avon, we expect extraordinary things from our faculty: to teach, to coach, to advise, all equally and exceptionally well. Hiring and retaining people of this caliber is intensely competitive, and we must increase our investment in the endowment for faculty so that we can augment faculty compensation and professional development. Increasing these investments sustains our success.


Learn About the LaRocque Faculty Fund



We believe in how things are done here, and see how powerful it is; that's probably why so many alumni come back to teach. They want to help that tradition carry on.

Rob Whitty '87, P'16 Associate Headmaster

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