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Our boys become exceptional men.

"Out of [Avon] will come men marked for greatness, men touched with genius, men whose kindliness will be a boon to all who come in contact with it..."

- Don Pierpont, former Provost

The Avon experience fosters personal and intellectual growth in our students and prepares them to be citizens of a global village. The character of our community is shaped by our core values of brotherhood, scholarship, integrity, and sportsmanship – values that endure.

“There should be some oasis
in this country where love of tradition is fostered; Avon shall be one of these oases. One place, where when Avonians return, they will find at least a semblance of permanence.”
- Theodate Pope Riddle, Founder

What Men of Avon Are Saying...

Bill Austin '92

"One of the better things I've done in life is give back to Avon. Avon changed my life — I was there for four years and the school was a stepping stone to the success I've had. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the importance of giving back until I was involved."

Chris Drew '85

"It meant a lot for me to have the opportunity to attend Avon Old Farms School.  I made great friends at Avon but most of all I learned how to work hard and compete.  When the time came to select a high school for my sons, Carson ‘17 and Brian ‘18, we chose Avon because we felt confident that Avon would help them grow in the classroom and develop into men with strong core values and integrity.  Of course, Avon delivered. "


John Wendler ’68

"My experience at Avon gave me confidence in my abilities—academically, athletically, and as a leader—and the belief that I could compete with anyone at the highest levels. The school has made tremendous progress since I graduated—it’s become a modern school for boys in every aspect and yet has maintained its commitment to tradition. I’m very grateful for the financial help I received to be able to attend Avon and now I provide the same support to a deserving student at the school. I simply felt it was important for me to give back."

bierme 34.jpg
John-Oliver Beirne '03

“AOF was the place where I learned to put language around self-reflecting; to understand introspection. The discipline of the day-to- day routine gave me the freedom in the rest of my life. Anytime life gets turbulent for me I always have a routine to rely on. The teachers and mentors at Avon put me on a different trajectory for the rest of my life.” 

Stewart Mather '97

"Avon was a defining moment for me. This school really channeled my focus and gave me the strong foundation I needed to move forward. I credit much of my success to my years at Avon.”

Rich Connell '74

"I’m a strong advocate for the value of an Avon Old Farms education. It really made all the difference at a critical point in my life. In many ways, it was a new and challenging world, but one where I was supported and encouraged to succeed. I can certainly credit a lot of my success in life to the foundation that was laid at Avon.”

It Starts With Avon


Christopher S. Drew ’85, P’17, ’18


As hands-on learners, boys respond well to technology when it comes to learning not only science, engineering, and math, but also digital arts, robotics, and 3-D design. As Avon Old Farms looked toward the future and strategized about projects to take on through the Inspiring Boys, Building Men campaign, a need to focus on building out an engineering and robotics center was realized.


“Avon is committed to providing students with opportunities in and out of the classroom to develop the technical skills necessary to meet the challenges of higher education and the world beyond,” said Director of Development & External Affairs Jim Detora. “To ensure that this is done to the best ability, we needed to create a dedicated space to support a broader curriculum in mathematics and engineering as well as the digital arts, capped by an innovative computer lab.”

In 2015, Detora, an engineer by trade, saw Avon’s Forge and Water Tower as the prime opportunity to do just that.


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Ken Winemaster ’83, P'17


Ken Winemaster ’83, P'17 only spent one year at Avon as a postgraduate playing football in 1983, but he recognizes the value of his time here, recalling, “George Trautman was very influential. He was a pretty autocratic guy and I was kind of a free spirit at that time, so he kept me thinking about what I needed to do.” Ken is now vice president of Power Solutions International. Power Solutions International (PSI) manufactures and distributes cleantech engines and power systems for the industrial and on-road sectors. Ken is particularly fond of his relationship with coaches Driscoll, Gardner, and Holt. “The relationships we had with those coaches were great. I didn’t get that kind of relationship when I played in public school, I just didn’t…They made a big change in my life and that was a turning point.”


Ken loved his postgraduate year at Avon and it is a year he remembers vividly. “I was surprised by the school’s impact on me, and by how much I missed it after it was over.” Avon’s impact was so great on Ken when it was time for his son Zach ’17 to attend high school; he knew there was no better place than Avon Old Farms. “Avon had a huge effect on me and how I approach life and they’ve done the same for Zach. I just can’t say enough good things about it...I’m extremely proud of what the school has done for him.” The Winemaster family has truly left their mark on Avon Old Farms and we are grateful they are proud members of the Avon Old Farms family.



Chase Maitland ’18


A two-year student from Glastonbury, Conn., Chase Maitland ’18 was widely known on campus for his athletic prowess. “Being a Winged Beaver athlete is an experience like no other,” notes Chase. “You go to class with your teammates, eat with them, go to practice with them, and then experience life in the dorm together. I love being able to spend every night in the dorm with all my brothers and then wake up and get back to work together.”


Chase Maitland is not just an athlete. Beyond his work on the athletic field, Chase was a Dean’s List student and earned the Advanced Functional Analysis Book Prize. That hard work and perseverance in the classroom has paid off for Chase, as he will be attending the College of the Holy Cross in the fall. Chase will always remember his relationships with his teachers at Avon. “What I’ll remember most is the quality of teachers,” he observed. “The teacher-student relationship is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and it’s one of the many things I’ll miss as I move on to college.”


In recognition of his achievements while at Avon, Chase was presented with The National Council Award at Commencement. Chase perfectly summarized his Avon experience by stating “I’ve met so many new people, some just like myself, some polar opposites—yet everyday I’m surprised by the quality of young men Avon attracts.”



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