It Starts with Avon

“Playing a part in Avon’s evolution since 1981, leading this great school for over two decades, and being the proud parent of two Winged Beavers, I appreciate the powerful role philanthropy plays in our success. Avonians understand the importance of supporting each other and their school—always!”

- Ken LaRocque, Retired Headmaster, P’01, ’10

At her soul,
Avon Old Farms honors tradition and inspires excellence.

Who we become tomorrow depends on what we do today.

By investing in our people, enhancing our campus and facilities, and building a stronger financial foundation, this campaign will continue to impact our school profoundly for decades to come.

Thank you for your participation...for your generosity.

The Inspiring Boys, Building Men Campaign will serve Avon for decades. We honor the investments of those who have made Avon Old Farms the best school for boys.

Joining together, we move forward.

James Corrigan '67, P'98

“At Avon, when a person passes you on the Village Green, they look at you and greet you. The students support each other, whether on the fields, on the stage, or in the classroom. And all of that is taught in a way that inspires confidence—a confidence that students take with them when they graduate."

Colonel Jamie Hayes '88

"When I was a boy, Avon was a launching pad to a larger world. It set me on a path of success in the Army by instilling the virtues of brotherhood, service, and commitment to excellence. Now that I'm a man, Avon remains a second home and a place where I find solace and strength.”

Strat Dennis '00

“People always were there to help me find my path: whether it was Mr. LaRocque, my academic advisors, or my coaches, there were people along the way who took an interest in my future.” 

We boldly grasp our future caliber
with willpower, fortitude, and innovation.

Now is the time for every member of the Avon family to contribute to the future of Avon Old Farms. Will you join us?

Successful Priorities Met



We expanded our support to students with financial need and develop insipiring educators

The Campaign for Avon Old Farms School

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